Wanderful Me

From university to college to graduation, I am just a blonde-haired, blue-eyed twenty-something attempting to navigate this crazy world, from work to travel to life’s everyday experiences. The everyday stresses of life combined with typical travel worries will hopefully not be as daunting with the help of my site.

WanderBlonde is meant to act as a haven to those who are experiencing a similar crossroad between work, travel, and budgeting. From tips and inspiration to resources and ideas – hopefully one will find insight, support, and relief in their pre, during, and post travel worries.

The Heart

Whether across the world, on a plane or back home – my family and friends are always with me no matter what. Travel may be what drives me to new adventures but it is the sense of knowing that I always have people I love to come back to that truly pushes me to strive for more.

The Blonde

A forever dreaming, unconventional optimist. Italian, Dutch, Ukrainian / Youngest of three girls. Brock University Alumni / Conestoga College Student. Movie addict, coffee driven, salad & cheese obsessive, night owl, autumn lover, wanderluster.

The Journey

Balancing school while attempting to pursue my wanders has been hard but undeniably worth it. And now it is official, I can finally say that I have completed my studies! With an Honours Business Communications degree from Brock University & a Business Marketing diploma from Conestoga College, I am set to take on this wanderful world – now where to begin?