Europe Trip – Barcelona, Spain

Europe Trip – Barcelona, Spain

Day 11 (may 19)

One early morning airport shuttle later and we’re waiting at the airport for our flight. Two chocolate croissants and a cappuccino later and we move on over to our gate. Or at least what we thought was our gate… turns out we were at the very wrong end aka boarding time comes, we realize our mistake, and BOOM we are literally running with our backpacks to our gate. Gotta mess up once in awhile right? So time to board, thankfully not at the very back row again – and we’re off!

Arrive in Barcelona and begin our adventure to Sant Jordi La Sagrada Familia hostel. Finally make it there and it is so cool, turns out it’s known as a skateboarders dream hostel – I’m talking skate ramp room, bean bag chairs, cubby holes in the wall to relax, lounge spaces (plus: a full blown kitchen and eating area with computers and everything). Let’s just say we were impressed. Okay so again we can’t check in till 2pm so we drop our bags in the storage room and head for a local spot to eat. End up coming across this quaint yet beautiful little restaurant that is run by this sweet Spanish woman. Turns out they have an awesome special, 8 euro for a full entree and a full starter each. Teresa finally got to try her paella and fish with rice, while I got a delicious chicken course with a filling salad and vegetables. We had not eaten that much in one sitting in a long time so we were extremely full afterwards.

Time to head back to the hostel – check in and get brought to our room which ends up being it’s own mini apartment attached to the building with a living room common area, two bedrooms that sleep 4 each, and it’s own ensuite. Yes sounds like a score… but not to judge, the people sharing our room and even the other one attached were definitely not on the same type of trip as us (the wrong type of people for sure to share a hostel with). With these first interactions Teresa and I opted to ask the front desk if we could be put into just another room no matter how basic it was. We get switched, meet the people in our new room now and we are SO much happier.

After this minor glitch in the day we begin our way over to La Sagrada Familia to see the gorgeous cathedral made by Gaudi which has been under construction for what seems like forever. According to the workers it still has another 40-50 years till it is complete (sorry dad)! So we go inside and immediately we are blown away, this place is breathtaking. More modern than we expected but in a great way, with parts of the outside and inside making me feel as though I am apart of the movie Lord of the Rings (though I’m sure that’s not what he was going for). Teresa and I end up sitting for a long time just taking it all in, then we wander the entire cathedral and end up in the basement chapel area where a traditional spanish mass is taking place. Though we couldn’t understand what was being said, it was extremely beautiful to listen to.

Upon leaving La Sagrada Familia we chose to head to a restaurant along the main road nearby seeing as it is Teresa’s last day before she heads back to Canada on the 20th. Find an affordable yet delicious restaurant, have tapas and wine and then head back to Sant Jordi hostel. Tonight consists of reorganising our lives, getting our backpacks ready for the morning, and making sure our flights to Canada and Paris are set. Bed time.