Europe Trip – Day 1

Europe Trip – Day One (May 9th)

Today’s the day! Finally after all these years of talking about wanting to travel, obsessing over blogger sites and living vicariously through other’s adventures around the world – I now get to say I am doing it!

This is what 6 long years of school does to you! Gets the mind going forcing you to inevitably give into your wanderlust.


Having one of my best friends in tow along for the first two weeks of the ride, it definitely is easing the transition into backpacking on my own.

3 hours early at the airport. No line (winning)! The morning freak-out about not wanting to overback definitely was warranted… my bag does not hurt and I can walk completely normal without looking like the hunchback of notre dame (which I do plan to visit the church when I hit Paris later in the trip).

Okay customs cleared, found a cozy spot with plugs near a burger bar and messaging our families assuring “we will be okay.”

Time to board! Wish us luck, it is Teresa’s first flight to Europe (YAY!)

See you in Barcelona.