Europe Trip – Day 2

Europe Trip – Day 2 (may 10th)

Landed safe and sound in beautiful Barcelona, Spain – and with very minimal turbulence I must add.

The flight was actually awesome. We did basic tickets yet still got the works offered to us. I am talking free headphones, blankets, pillow, complimentary wine, individual screens which we could choose from endless tv shows and movies. Honestly we do not know how we scored this but we were definitely not complaining. Both of us watched 2 movies each, got offered a choice of food for dinner (I had the salad, rice and chicken) and for breakfast (everyone got yogurt, granola, muffin, caramel dessert bar and crackers).

Arriving at the Barcelona airport went smoothly. Baggage didn’t take too long at all and all european airports have free wifi so we could pull up the directions from hostelworld onto our phones to get to the hostel. After my failed attempt at buying a sim card that did not even work and us walking in circles in the terminal only to realize the access to the Aerobus was right in front of us – we were on our way to the hostel.

One aerobus and metro ride later (around an hour), we were checked in and safe at Hello BCN hostel! We made it!

Though we were not allowed in our rooms yet till 2pm and it was 930am in the morning… aka the bags are in a storage locker. BUT we got indulging in the free breakfast and coffee plus met a couple from Tennessee traveling europe together (new friends CHECK). Having tons of time till check in for our rooms, we decided to push through the jetlag (6 hour time difference from home… so 3am) and go on the free walking tour provided by the hostel which the couple was going on as well.

Walking tour was great. Covered a large area of the city and learned alot about its history. Teresa and I got to understand where our hostel was located in comparison to the main street La Ramblas which is located in the El Raval district (tourist-party-food-everything area).

Explored a bit of the city on our own and found the main square with beautiful cafes and tapas. Mental note: eat tapas and paella. Got lost again, but in a good way. Learned that two streets which intersect with La Ramblas have practically the same name but with either Nue or some other small word in front of it. Decided to head back to the hostel to rest briefly since the plane tiredness is hitting us and shower. After sleeping for a few hours, we went and got food from a local “supermercat” to make our own dinner with salad and chicken. Naturally I bought wine along the the way (it was 3 euros). Ended up agreeing that today we would organize our lives and start the next day off strong and early.

At the hostel ended up seeing the Tennessee couple again and hanging out with them in the common room. Eventually some hilarious man from Germany joined and then two girls from Argentina and a guy from Chile. Hungout and casually drank with them for a bit then stuck to the plan and headed to bed for a good start for tomorrow.