How To Travel After School

How To Travel After School

How To Travel After School

So you’re graduating… Now what?! Travelling is your next adventure on the horizon, yet where do you begin?

There are so many questions that must be going through your mind (I know I did, and still do). Where should you go.. Do you have enough money… Is work a possibility while travelling… How long should you go for… Should you travel solo or with someone…

The list of questions goes on and on, and then the never-ending list of ideas will go even further. In the end, the answers will come in whichever shape or form you choose. All you can really do is: Breathe. Plan. Wander.

Okay, maybe it is a little more complicated than that. Simply follow this basic guideline to get you started and I’m sure by the end of it all, you’ll be itching to start your travels right away!

Purpose – You need one.

In order to truly gain something out of travelling you must have a purpose going into it. What is urging you to travel after graduation? The raw desire to explore the world is great, but there must be an underlying want or side goal that you’re wanting. Consider some of these reasons:

  • Volunteering
  • Internship abroad
  • Family overseas
  • Bucket list
  • Culture seeking
  • Foodie
  • Relaxation
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

All, some, or even one of these may be why you want to travel. Even if that reasoning is as simple as relaxation or adventure-seeking, it is at least sets a theme for your decisions moving forward with your travel plans and ideas.

“Travelling for travel’s sake is awesome and fun, but someday you’re going to look back and wish you had a reason behind it all, done something a little extra, or gone for a purpose.”

Having a purpose behind your wanderlust is always a must, as it will drive you in preparing and planning your trip and future travels.
Challenge Yourself – Plan to live.

Travelling is not just about getting on a plane, leaving the airport and saying you’ve been there. It is about seeking new opportunities, stepping out of your comfort zone, having impactful experiences, and forcing yourself to discover who you truly are.

Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be.

It is time for you to plan where you want to go while keeping all of this in mind. It may sound complicated but believe me it is not. Go back to your basic desires to travel, before all the details and ideas started to muddle your brain. Now… What do you WANT to do when travelling?

Beaches, hiking, camping, eating, partying, tours, and so on and so forth. There are so many options, whether one or all being your focus, try to determine what types of things intrigue you. This is what will help you to determine what countries are your match & what you can experience in each.

Of course, this ties into the next important step before you wander on.

Priorities – Let’s be realistic.

This is the part everyone dreads but has to deal with. How much money do you want to spend AND how much money do you actually have. Travelling is amazing but can be ruined by simply not following a key budget. No one wants to end up stranded in a country thinking, maybe I shouldn’t have paid so much to stay in a luxury hotel. We get it, the place was beautiful and you wanted an awesome shower – but really, a hostel or even a cheap Airbnb would-be made you just as happy! Money, money, money… love it, need it, have it, want it – whatever it may be, plan your trip around it.

Yes this may seem like you are being limited, but believe me when I say you are not! Discounts, promotions, travel deals and hacks, the list goes on for finding ways to cut costs while still experiencing (almost) everything on your list. Imagination and ingenuity is key for us wanderlusters.

In that end, all that matters is that you can honestly say when all travels are said and done, that was a life-changing experience. Whether big or small, it was unforgettable.
Wander On.

When school finally comes to an end and you’ve officially graduated, it’s time to take that jump into the wonderful unknown. There are no exact answers for how to travel after school, but the simple process above will get you going in how to navigate the crazy world of planning and exploring the world after graduation. School has always provided you with a set way of doing things, from schedules to due dates, expectations to rules, and even suggesting what you should be doing with your free time – your world has been a revolving door of yearly plans. Well, now it’s your turn.. Breathe. Plan. Wander. You’ve made it this far, so why stop now?