How To Marry Work & Travel

How To Marry Work & Travel

How To Marry Work & Travel

Now I know you must be wondering – why would you want to combine work & travel? The whole reason behind exploring the world and giving into our wanderlust is to escape, relax, open our minds, and get out of our comfort zones. Adding work into that mix just seems like a joke, right? Not at all! Imagine being able to work as you go wherever you are and fund your travels as you experience them. This is not a dream floating off in the clouds – you can actually make this happen!

With today’s digital world and acceptance of travellers, one can embrace the unknown and see the world – all the while gaining experience, increasing (or maintaining) your bank account, and meeting incredible people along the way doing the exact same thing.

Intrigued yet? To add to your curiosity even more, dive into some of the opportunities below and see what entices you. You may find something that fits perfectly into your next travel plan or even one that sparks you to wander somewhere new.

Online Meets Travel

Flex Jobs
telecommuting jobs

connect with clients & contracts

Virtual Assistant
virtual assistant positions

teach English via Skype

pay-per-survey participation

Out-of-the-Box Wandering

Suba Diving
explore, dive, work

English and French teaching positions

Au Pair
nanny or babysit for stay/pay

street performance at its finest

organic farm work opportunities

Odd Job Journey

Toilet Cleaner

Central/South America
Wrestling Opponent

Taxi Driver

Bungee Jump Master

United States
Disney World Character